Our Programme

MYCorps is a life changing experience designed for you to discover your potential and purpose, by serving communities around the world while deepening your understanding of different cultures.

The MYCorps Service Training is a combination of fast-paced, action-packed sessions to prepare you mentally and physically to make positive impact in communities.Firstly, you will meet like-minded Malaysians who will become your friends and family, and together you will undergo intensive training, equipping you with the skills, mindset and experience to operate at the highest level as a team or when alone.

During this time you will be selectively paired with local impact partners and will receive technical training based on the unique challenges you will solve in your international Mission. Each Mission is unique and addresses different issues, thus the training modules are designed to expose you to the relevant skills you will need; from building houses to surviving in the wild, things will never get boring.

Through it all, you will emerge from this programme more confident in your abilities, and skill in managing challenging environments. Together with your team, you are ready to go on a mission.

MYCorps Mission

Completed your Service Training? Great!

You will put your new abilities to the test together with your team, international NGOs, and the local community. Your team will be assigned to assist with appointed grassroot initiatives and you will solve challenges together. Contribute to the growth of a community and the development of the people around you in fields like public health, basic infrastructure, education, and agriculture.

Be fully immersed in the local community and culture, and begin to discover new and wonderful things about yourself and others.

MYCorps Fellowship

Upon completion of the programme, become part of the fellowship where you can continue serving in varying capacities to aid in the development of future trainees and future MYCorps missions. Be part of Malaysia’s reserve and serve the nation in times of need. You will also be given privileged access to unique experiences, benefits, and opportunities open only to MYCorps Fellows.


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