See what past participants have to say about their experience on one of our missions.

“MyCorps must be in your checklist!! The best ever program that change my life from zero to hero!! Mycorps ‘wot wot’! ”

Amir Junaidi bin Amerrudin

Mission 2

“If you feel like you want to get to know yourself better, join MYCorps. Just do it. Take that
leap. I promise you it would be worth it.”

Ajeerah Binti Azali

Mission 1

“We went to Cambodia with a heart to help but at the end of the program we were the ones that gained a lot from the community. We should be grateful for what we have.”

Teoh Boon Keat

Mission 1

“I learnt that teamwork and team dynamics are very crucial in order to achieve great results. It is not a competition of becoming the best among the rest instead, it’s a place where you help each other to grow and develop holistically.It is true that the best things come to you unplanned.”

Elda Elissa Al-Azmi

Mission 1

“It was a big education for me in how much I didn’t learnt in school or any
institution,the journey touched down my heart, and I see everything in different, better, and
wider perspective.”

Nor Juliani Abd Jabar

Mission 1

“Mycorps memang mengubah kehidupan peserta selari dengan tagline: changing-life. Bukan sahaja mengubah dan membantu nasib-nasib mereka yang memerlukan malah mengubah dan membantu diri peserta ke arah lebih positif. Terima kasih MyCorps!”

Muhammad Iskandar Bin Idris

Mission 1

“I learned how empowering it is to realize how much agency you have in your own life and how beautiful it is to share that with others in hopes of them discovering it themselves.Our community is a diverse fabric of human beings, and we all have a voice in enacting change, improving the lives of our neighbors, and promoting a more just and verdant world.”

Tharisini A/P Paranthaman

Pilot Mission


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