Why MYCorps?


Immerse yourself in a new country and be a local with different cultures and also a citizen of the world.

Level Up

Empowering yourself anywhere and return home with a renewed personality and mind-set.

Create an Impact

Involve yourself in local communities and make a good impact as our proud ambassadors of Malaysia.

Leave a Legacy

Continue developing yourself as a MyCorps Fellow and expand our territory around the world.
MYCorps News

Suara Anak Muda di Kemboja (Ekspresi jiwa)

by Adrianna Kemboja sayang. Kisah kasih yang sahih. Pagi yang indah sering disapa oleh intipan pancaran mentari di celah jendela dan oleh mereka yang tidak keruan seakannya seperti tiada haluan dan tujuan, yang sentiasa murah dengan senyuman . Pantasku bangkit dengan...

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Revisiting the “Meaning of Development”

By Siraj Aziz, International Exco Alumni MYCorps The early writings in development economics, especially after the Second World War concentrated greatly on ways to achieve economic growth and increase GNP and total employment (various authors cited in Sen, 1988). This...

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