MYCorps: Changing Lives

MYCorps is a launchpad for Malaysian youth to develop into empowered individuals with extraordinary abilities and character resilience through an intensive training and life-changing international Volunteer programme.

What is MYCorps?

The best way for us to explain what MYCorps is all about, is to let volunteers from our past missions explain it in their words. Take a look at the video below and see for yourself.


MYCorps is an International Volunteer Programme bringing together Malaysians from all walks of life with the purpose of becoming empowered individuals to leave a legacy of positive change for our future generations

Why MYCorps?



Immerse yourself in a new country. Live as a local, join their community and learn more about their traditions, culture and stories. Become a citizen of the world.


Level Up

Through empowering workshops and unique service experiences, gain new skills and abilities and personal growth. Return home with a renewed mindset, a global perspective and a clear sense of purpose shaped by real-world experiences.

Create an Impact

Work with local communities and make a meaningful and sustainable impact. Learn from each other, share your knowledge, work with change-makers and become one along the way.

Leave a Legacy

Make lifelong friends at home and around the world. Continue developing yourself as a MYCorps Fellow, connect with future trainees and contribute to the growth of the community.

Discover Yourself

This is an opportunity to become the person you are meant to be. An adventure where you will discover your passion, realise your purpose, and unlock your potential to not just do great things, but to become great.

Aida Adilla Binti Aidi

When I first came to MYCorps, I didn’t expect anything. I just had the mindset to learn and face all the things that I came across. After the mission, I can say, “The worst situations give you the best experiences”.

Yam Jia Wei

MyCorps is not just about changing lives of others or about changing your lives too but it is also about getting to appreciate the things in life and seeing the purpose of what life is about..

Impact the World

Through MYCorps you will gain hands on experience in various fields, immerse yourself in different cultures and solve local challenges with like-minded individuals. Empower yourself to drive change in your life and the lives around you.

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